4 Feb 2023

Turneul european Therion a fost anulat, inclusiv concertele din Romania

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Turneul european pe care formatia suedeza de symphonic metal Therion, trebuia sa-l sustina in acest an a fost anulat, inclusiv concertele din Romania.

Banii pe biletele achizitionate vor fi rambursati automat, iar aceste persoane vor avea prioritate la achizitionarea biletelor pentru concertele viitoare.

Therion a dat publicitatii urmatorul comunicat:

“We are sad to announce that because of unsolvable problems with our booking agent (which we fired today) along with insane production costs (predicted to get even worse) and the hints of returning covid restrictions, touring in Europe is too risky in 2022. This means the tour it self will be postponed, but all individual dates are cancelled for now.

We are very sorry for the disappointment fans may feel and the discomfort for those of you who had already purchased tickets (please contact the place where you bought the tickets for a refund).

If things by then are back to normal, we will tour Leviathan III in Europe end of next year instead and look forward to finally meet with our fans in Europe then.

PS: This will not effect touring plans for Mexico in 2023 (dates soon to be announced) as it’s by a different agency and the conditions there are more predictable, stable and reasonable. And even with much higher flight costs we should be able to pull of selected other parts of Latin America as long as there won’t be any new restrictions preventing concerts there.”

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