10 Aug 2022

Asculta noul single Cynic, Mythical Serpents

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Formatia americana Cynic la lansa pe 26 noiembrie 2021, sub egida Season Of Mist, cel de-al 4-lea album de studio intitulat “Ascension Codes“.

Discul a fost inregistrat in formula Paul Masvidal, Dave Mackay si Matt Lynch iar primul single de promovare, “Mythical Serpents“, poate fi ascultat mai jos.

Paul Masivdal, liderul trupei, a declarat: “I invite you to sit back, close your eyes, and listen to “Mythical Serpents” as a fully realized piece of music. No phones or screens necessary, just the power of sound communicating directly into the ears of your heart. In the coming weeks, Cynic will be revealing further details on the constellation that is Ascension Codes, including a “Mythical Serpents” animated video, featuring the artwork of Martina Hoffmann & Robert Venosa. Stay tuned.”

Tracklist “Ascension Codes”:

1. Mu-54* (0:32)
02. The Winged Ones (5:08)
03. A’-va432 (0:28)
04. Elements and their Inhabitants (3:09)
05. Ha-144 (0:30)
06. Mythical Serpents (6:24)
07. Sha48* (0:19)
08. 6th Dimensional Archetype (4:07)
09. DNA Activation Template (5:25)
10. Shar-216 (0:23)
11. Architects of Consciousness (6:20)
12. DA’z-a86.4 (0:34)
13. Aurora (4:34)
14. DU-*61.714285 (0:30)
15. In a Multiverse Where Atoms Sing (3:48)
16. A’jha108 (0:28)
17. Diamond Light Body (5:43)
18. Ec-ka72 (0:47)

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