What I shared with you today is the development of the Rolex Daytona watch.

When it comes to Rolex Replica, the first thing people think of is the Green Water Ghost and the Black Water Ghost. They have always been ROLEX's masterpieces, and they are popular all over the world with their unique appearance and practical performance. However, like a Rolex loyal iron powder, Xiao Bian wants to have another series of Rolex replica watches models, the more difficult to find multi-function watch - Daytona.

If the submariner series is the first choice for every fan, then the Daytona series can be said to be the ultimate goal. We all know that Green Water Ghost is hard to find, but Daytona is even scarcer than Green Water Ghost. In 2017, a pair of Rolex replica Daytona watches worn by Paul Newman actually shot a high price of 120 million, refreshing the record of the watch at that time, to understand that this is just a steel watch. So why is Daytona so attractive? Let us know the history of the Daytona series.

Designed to meet the needs of endurance racers, Daytona is positioned as a destined and speed-matched watch, so this watch is inseparable from motorsport. After the racer can turn on the time, the average speed is read from the outer ring of the watch's unique tachometer, which is the essence of the Daytona series.

Model: m116515ln-0013

At the beginning of the 20th century, Daytona, Florida, was very passionate about speed and prevailing in motorsport. Rolex Replica is named after the car's holy place, Di Tundra. The cosmic model of Ditona reflects the historical relationship between Rolex and motorsport and becomes a unique and close connection.

Paul Newman

Unexpectedly, when Rolex first launched the Daytona series, it was not very popular, it was a style of gray at the counter. And the reason why Daytona can get hot is that the famous actor and racer Paul Newman wore a Daytona watch on the cover of a magazine, making it quickly become the fashion taste of the Italians, let this nobody care. The price of the Dayton timepiece has soared and it has become a hot explosion of the moment.

Cal.4130 movement

The movement of the Daytona watch is exclusively developed and manufactured by Rolex. It is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement of the Cal.4130, which has the functions of timing, shock absorption, and precision. The movement's construction is completely innovative, condensing Rolex's superb watchmaking process and increasing the number of timer components, making the movement more reliable. At the same time, the timing function will not cause any adverse effects on the accuracy of the watch even if it is operated for a long time. This is the power of this 4130 movement.

The bezel is not only made of Cerachrom ceramic material but also has a speed measurement scale. The maximum speed is 400 km, and the performance is outstanding.

There are also three small dials on the panel, which are 6 o'clock, 2 o'clock, 30 o'clock, and 9 o'clock, 12 o'clock. In addition, the most slender pointer on the dial is the chronograph needle. Many unfamiliar watch friends will regard the chronograph needle as a second hand, which should be clearly distinguished here.

The Rolex Replica watch is medium in size and features a 904L stainless steel sash case with a polished side. The screw-in waterproof crown is located in the middle of the right side and has a chronograph button on the upper and lower sides for controlling the pause and reset of the chronograph needle.

Although the Daytona is a chronograph watch, the back is still a screw-in bottom cover, which is also a standard squat design, and its good sealing makes it also 100 meters waterproof. At the same time, the Cal.4130 movement with very stable stability is tested at the observatory level.

Using high-quality imported leather straps, watch fans can also be replaced with American alligator straps, which are very comfortable. With 904L buckle, this folding buckle is not only easy to wear, but also prevents it from being opened in case of an accident.

The Daytona series has the same luminous display function as the other models of Rolex. The hour, minute hands and hour markers are coated with a layer of Chromalight luminous materials, which can provide you with accurate time in the night when you can't reach the fingers.

Through a comprehensive understanding and analysis of Daytona, I believe that everyone knows why it is so hot, that is, it can compete with speed, and it can compete with time, which is enough for fans to be crazy and heart-warming.