“Juno”, noul videoclip TesseracT poate fi urmarit mai jos. Piesa este inclusa pe albumul “Sonder” disponibil incepand cu 20 aprilie 2018 prin intermediul celor de la Kscope Music. Materialul poate fi achizitionat in format digital, dublu CD si vinyl.

Inregistrat in 4D Sounds, Celestial Sounds si Project Studios cu ajutorul inginerului Aiden O’Brien si masterizat de Acle Kahney “Sonder” este direct, cinstit si rational incorporand toate elementele marca TesseracT.

Despre videoclip solistul vocal Dan Tomkins a precizat: “Writing the lyrics for this album was a cathartic experience and I feel that “Juno” is probably the epitome of “Sonder”. We wanted to create a video that symbolized the realization of the constraints that are placed on life. “Juno” is the embodiment of that feeling. Having worked with Dark Fable Media multiple times, I have grown to love what they do and how they operate. TesseracT have wanted to work with them for a long time now, so this video was a real joy to work on.”

Tracklist “Sonder”:

1. Luminary
2. King
3. Orbital
4. Juno
5. Beneath My Skin
6. Mirror Image
7. Smile
8. The Arrow