Satan, formatia britanica implicata in miscarea NWOBHM (new wave of british heavy metal), va lansa pe 7 septembrie 2018, noul album intitulat “Cruel Magic”. Artwork-ul a fost realizat de Eliran Kantor (Iced Earth, Testament, Kataklysm), nume care a semnat si ultimele 2 albume ale trupei, Life Sentence si Atom By Atom to life. Materialul, distribuit sub egida Metal Blade Records, contine 10 piese iar noul single de promovare este piesa “Into the Mouth of Eternity” si poate fi ascultat mai jos.

Despre tema versurilor trupa a declarat: “A personification of injustice in our world. Anyone who knows us knows we never sing about the Devil except in the most abstract terms. That said, we have no interest in light-hearted subject matter either. You will never hear the words “rock and roll” in a Satan song, nor any references to sex, drugs, fast cars or motorcycles. But, generally bad things that happen in the world, real or imagined, and injustice in particular, has always been a big part of what drives us to write lyrics.”

Tracklist “Cruel Magic”:

1. Into the Mouth of Eternity
2. Cruel Magic
3. The Doomsday Clock
4. Legions Hellbound
5. Ophidian
6. My Prophetic Soul
7. Death Knell for a King
8. Who Among Us
9. Ghosts of Monongah
10. Mortality