Nord“, noul single Ihsahn (Emperor) poate fi ascultat mai jos. Melodia este inclusa pe EP-ul “Telemark“, ce va fi lansat pe 14 februarie 2020, sub egida Candlelight. Tot anul acesta, Ihsahn va mai lansa un EP, de data aceasta cu piee mult mai progressive comparativ cu cele heavy de pe “Telemark“.

Despre EP-ul “Telemark“, care contine 5 melodii dintre care doua sunt cover dupa Lenny Kravitz si Iron Maiden, Ihsahn a declarat:

“It’s the county I grew up in and still live in, so the whole thing is situated there and very much inspired by that. So you could say it’s a roots-orientated album. I decided early on that I wanted this to be very purely related to black metal aesthetics. I wanted to distil the basic, bare bones black metal influences of my musical roots, given the overall concept, writing something for and from Telemark. I decided to do Norwegian lyrics for the first time, too. It feels very much closer to home in many ways.”

Tracklist “Telemark”:

01. Stridig
02. Nord
03. Telemark
04. Rock And Roll Is Dead (Lenny Kravitz Cover)
05. Wrathchild (Iron Maiden Cover)