7 Jul 2022

Haken a lansat videoclipul noului single, Nightingale

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Formatia britanica Haken a lansat videoclipul noului single, intitulat “Nightingale”.Despre aceasta piesa trupa a declarat:

Nightingale was the first track Pete Jones presented to the band after rejoining Haken this year. The initial song idea quickly inspired of the classic Haken sound and naturally evolved into some new harmonic territory. The song ranges from delicate moments to monstrous riffs.

“We enlisted Jens Bogren to mix Nightingale and, as always, he’s blown us away by capturing every detail while delivering power and energy. We couldn’t be happier with the finished product.

“Lyrically, the song reflects on the creative process itself; with a message that although it may be difficult of late, we must remember to be thankful for the positives in life; be they big or small”.

Poze Haken din cadrul concertului sustinut pe pe 27 martie 2019, in clubul Quantic din Bucuresti!

Haken ofera un rock progresiv condimentat cu tendinte vintage inspirate de rock-ul clasic care i-a calauzit in drumul lor muzical de pana acum. Devenind un nume important pe scena progresiva, trupa a primit numeroase aprecieri, cantand cu trupe ca Between The Burried And Me, The Neal Morse Band sau Leprous.

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