Urmareste noul videoclip At The Gates, Cosmic Pessimism, realizat de Costin Chioreanu


Cosmic Pessimism” noul videoclip At the Gates poate fi urmarit mai jos. Melodia este inclusa pe albumul “The Nightmare Of Being” lansat pe 2 iulie 2021, sub egida Century Media Records.

Clipul este realizat de Costin Chioreanu de la Twilight13media (Opeth, Napam Death, Sigh, Kataklysm, Green Carnation, Carcass, Bloodway, Mayhem, Enslaved, Arcturus, Arch Enemy).

The Nightmare Of Being” este mixat si masterizat de cunoscutul Jens Bogren (Goodbye To Gravity, Opeth, Kreator, Sepultura, Angra, Paradise Lost, etc.) in studioul Fascination Street din Orebo, Suedia.

Tracklist “The Nightmare Of Being”:

01. Spectre Of Extinction
02. The Paradox
03. The Nightmare Of Being
04. Garden Of Cyrus
05. Touched By The White Hands Of Death
06. The Fall Into Time
07. Cult of Salvation
08. The Abstract Enthroned
09. Cosmic Pessimism
10. Eternal Winter Of Reason