20 Jan 2022

Amenra a lansat videoclipul noului single, De Evenmens

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Formatia belgiana Amenra, una dintre cele mai importante trupe doom-sludge ale momentului,va lansa pe 25 iunie 2021, noul album intitulat “De Doorn“.

Primul single de promovare este videoclipul “De Evenmens“, despre care solistul vocal Colin H. van Eeckhout a declarat: “We are only here for a split second in history. This song is about finding the answer within the question, man’s search for his place here on earth. A journey of sorrow with mere moments of beauty and happiness and this all in relation to his or her fellowman. To accept what is. Our brother Dehn Sora sculpted the digital world where Everman dwells, protected by its thorns, wounded by the others. Sacrificing blood of gold.”

Tracklist “De Doorn“:

1. Ogentroost
2. De Dood In Bloei
3. De Evenmens
4. Het Gloren
5. Voor Immer

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