7 Jul 2022

Eivor a lansat videoclipul noului single, Sleep On It

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Pe 18 septembrie 2020, Eivor ofera fanilor un nou album de studio, intitulat “Segl“. Succesorul lui “Slor” contine 12 melodii iar cel de-al doilea single de promovare este videoclipul piesei “Sleep On It“. Albumul ii are ca invitati speciali pe Asgeir Trausti si Einar Selvik de la Wardruna.

Sleep On It is about making choices. Sometimes it´s tempting to arrive at conclusions before you see the big picture and you make choices that might be bad for you or others. But then again, sometimes we are forced to make choices regardless, and sometimes making a wrong choice might be the only way to eventually make the right one.

I wrote this song during a very late night, 3 years ago at my apartment in Copenhagen. I remember twisting and turning in bed but not being able to sleep. I had gotten my head into a frenzy, so I got out of bed, made a cup of tea, lit a candle and I started writing this poem. “Too many riddles to crack….” It was like a flow of thought, a conversation with myself”, a declarat artista despre aceasta compozitie.

Tracklist “Segl”:

1. Manasegl
2. Let It Come
3. Sleep On It
4. Hands
5. Nothing To Fear
6. Truth
7. Skyscrapers
8. Only Love Feat. Asgeir
9. This City
10. Patience
11. Stirdur Saknur feat. Einar Selvik
12. Gullspunnin

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