Puscifer a lansat videoclipul noului single, Apocalyptical


Puscifer, proiectul muzical condus de liderul trupelor Tool si A Perfect Circle, Maynard James Keenan, a lansat videoclipul noului single, intitulat “Apocalyptical“. Este prima melodie dupa o pauza de cinci ani si anunta aparitia viitorului album de studio programat spre aparitie in aceasta toamna.

Maynard James Keenan a declarat: “Manipulated information disseminated by kings, queens, dictators, so called leaders, supposed professionals or outliers and conspiracy theorists living underground, or in basements, is not new or unique to this generation. Misdirection is Power Struggles’ conjoined twin but the speed at which it now travels in this digital age is dangerous and destructive on many levels. This rapid distribution of poison and its immediate impact will be the hallmark of our generation. Even In light of all this, and all the noise the digital landscape generates, all I keep asking myself is ‘what is it with the whole hoarding toilet paper thing?'”

Versuri “Apocalyptical”:

Concrete conclusions be damned
They won’t believe you until it’s far too late

Go on, moron, Ignore the evidence.
Skid in to Armageddon
Tango Apocalyptical

Jog on, Head down. Ignore the evidence.
Trippin over Armageddon
Moon Walkin Apocalyptical

Dumb dumb be damned