Candlemass a lansat clipul The Pendulum (Lyric Video)


La doar un an de la apritia albumului “The Door To Doom” (februarie 2019), formatia suedeza Candlemass (epic doom metal) va lansa pe 27 martie 2020, sub egida Napalm Records, EP-ul “The Pendulum”.

Acesta contine sase melodii in premiera, piese inedite compuse in perioada sesiunilor de inregistrari pentru “The Door To Doom”. Si ca sa ne facem o idee despre acest EP va invitam sa ascultati piesa de titlu, “The Pendulum“.

Leif Edling a declarat: “The Pendulum is about hard riffing, epic choruses and total delusion the fanatical way. It is in fact the last thing I wrote for “The Door To Doom” album but didn’t have the time to finish it. Here it is in its grand/mad luster with a great mix by Niklas Flyckt, and produced by Marcus Jidell. It is followed by 5 unreleased demos from the DTD sessions because the whole sha-bang was at first supposed to be a double effort but got trimmed down to a single album eventually.

I love “The Pendulum” track, album quality if you ask me, and songs like “Porcelain Skull” and “Snakes Of Goliath” are not bad either. They just didn’t make it to the final thing. So I hope you like this EP that features the “missing” songs. The last pieces of the puzzle of the 1 year recording that became the album “The Door To Doom“. Enjoy.”

Tracklist “The Pendulum”:

1. The Pendulum
2. Snakes of Goliath
3. Sub Zero
4. Aftershock
5. Porcelain Skull
6. The Cold Room