Urmareste noul videoclip Clawfinger, Tear You Down


Tear You Down“, noul videoclip Clawfinger poate fi urmarit mai jos. Nu se stie daca formatia lucreaza la un nou album de studio, avand in vedere ca “Life Will Kill You“, a fost lansat in 2007, iar de atunci membrii formatiei s-au ocupat mai mult viata personala decat de muzica.

Despre “Tear You Down” trupa a declarat: “The current political situation is really… interesting, where one’s perceived feeling is more important than facts in today’s society. Using twisted statistics to scare people into bad decisions is a daily occurrence and no matter how one argues for its cause, there’s always a horde of opposition tearing down the arguments with “whataboutism” or distorted facts. Vote for the truth, but whose truth are we talking about?”.