Infected Rain a lansat clipul Storm – Lyric Video


Infected Rain va lansa pe 18 octombrie 2019, sub egida Napalm Records noul album de studio, intitulat “Endorphin“. Dupa aparitia clipului “Lure“ (Lyric Video), Infected Rain ne invita sa ascultam noul single, “Storm“.

Despre “Storm“, Infected Rain a declarat: “Storm is very different from what we did before. It is an insanely emotional song with really soft melody to it. This song is about the continuous search. It is about the painful path towards the perfect harmony. Harmony between the world and people, between the nature and humans and most importantly the harmony between two souls. Two lost souls that are trying to find one another”.

Tracklist “Endorphin”:

1. The Earth Mantra
2. Black Gold
3. Symphony of Trust
4. Pendulum
5. Passerby
6. Lure
7. Victims
8. Walking Dead
9. Taphephobia
10. Storm