7 Jul 2022

Videoclip nou Hexvessel, Changeling

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Formatia finlandeza Hexvessel, ne invita sa urmarim videoclipul noului single, intitulat “Changeling“. Piesa este inclusa pe albumul “All Tree” lansat astazi, 22 februarie 2019, sub egida Century Media Records. Melodia ii are ca invitati pe Neige (Alcest) la voce si Dirk Campbell (Egg/National Health/Arzachel) la flaut.

Mathew McNerney, liderul trupei, a declarat:

“The song is about change, be it growing up from childhood to adulthood or hearing the call of a vocation you feel compelled to undertake. Metamorphosis in the knowledge that, in the spirit of Kinky Friedman’s “find what you love and let it kill you,” there may never be a way back. Irreversible transformation. I think that’s kind of my interpretation of Metsanpeitto (which literally means “covered by the forest”), the Finnish folklore phenomenon, where people went missing in the forest for unexplained reasons. Once the call of the forest gets in your blood, you never truly belong to the man-made world again, and you’re never coming back. Eventually the forest draws you back home. This same myth, in various forms, also exists in Irish folklore with “changeling children” for example, who were switched by the fairies in infancy. The mythology of my upbringing, and of the country I have settled in, converging together into our “wyrd-folk” story. We are also especially honoured to have our dear brother Neige from Alcest on guest vocals and Dirk Chapman on flute for this song.”

Hexvessel este proiectul lui Mathew “Kvohst” McNerney (originar din Marea Britanie), cunoscut ca si vocal al trupei cult black metal Dodheimsgard si al trupei avangardiste Code. Stilul muzical adoptat de Hexvessel este denumit psychedelic forest folk, dar il putem asemana cu un folk-rock cu influente medievale. Formatia a fost nominalizata de doua ori la premiile Grammy din Finlanda.

Tracklist “All Tree”:

1. Blessing
2. Son of the Sky
3. Old Tree
4. Changeling
5. Ancient Astronaut
6. Visions of A.O.S
7. A Sylvan Sign
8. Wilderness Spirit
9. Otherworld Envoy
10. Birthmark
11. Journey to Carnac
12. Liminal Night
13. Closing Circles
14. Summer Fires

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