6 Oct 2022

Piesa noua Einherjer, Kill The Flame

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La 4 ani de la aparitia discului “Av Oss, For Oss”, nominalizat la premiul Grammy, formatia norvegiana Einherjer va lansa pe 9 noiembrie 2018, noul album de studio, intitulat “Norrone Spor”. Discul este distribuit sub egida Indie Recordings iar al doilea single de promovare, dupa aparitia videoclipului “Spre Vingene“, este “Kill The Flame” si poate fi ascultat mai jos.

Artwork-ul poarta semnatura lui Costin Chioreanu de la Twilight13media (Green Carnation, At the Gates, Bloodway, Mayhem, Enslaved, Arcturus, Arch Enemy, Sigh). Despre acest album solistul vocal si basistul trupei, Frode Glesnes, a declarat:

“Classic Einherjer meets the future and the past! No, we have not returned to our roots! That’s a way overused cliche and it always calls for bullshit! We have simply written and arranged more stuff together. On our last few albums we have written songs separately, this time we’ve looked at what happens when Gerhard & me are in a room together. We still have a firm grip on what Einherjer is all about. That will never change! Here is 10 new songs that any heathen metalhead should be able to love and appreciate. No bullshit, just 10 great metal songs!”.

Tracklist “Norrone Spor”:

1. The Spirit OF A Thousand Years
2. Mine Vapen Mine Ord
3. Fra Konge Te Narr
4. Kill The Flame
5. Mot Vest
6. Spre Vingene
7. The Blood Song
8. Doden Tar Ingen Fangar
9. Tapt Uskyld
10. Av Djupare Rotter

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