Mark Lanegan si Duke Garwood au lansat videoclipul With Animals


Al doilea album Mark Lanegan (ex-Screaming Trees) si Duke Garwood, intitulat “With Animals”, va fi lansat pe 24 august 2018, sub egida Heavenly Recordings. Iata ca dupa aparitia primul videoclip de promovare, “Save Me”, cei doi au fat publicitatii un nou clip, de data aceasta piesa aleasa fiind cea de titlu, “With Animals”.

Cei doi muzicieni au mai lansat impreuna “Black Pudding” (2013) la acelasi label. Lanegan, cunoscut ca fondatorul trupei de grunge Screaming Trees a colaborat cu nume precum Kurt Cobain, Layne Staley, Queens of the Stone Age, Mad Season, The Orb si Shezad Dawood.

Duke Garwood a declarat: “Over the years, we’ve recorded together and apart. This time, I started this record alone, with many animals as company. It flowed, I set to work and out it came. Our music is instinct, there is not much talking about it, just creating. I think that if you are at peace with your work, and feeling it right, it flows, and can feel “easy. Music isn’t meant to be hard. Though sometimes it can burn you to ashes. Making music for a singer, so they can inhabit it with a song means hitting the right soul buttons. There is no hit without a miss. It is a healing record, for us the makers, and for the listeners. It grows natural. We are gardeners of sonic feelings.”

Tracklist “With Animals”:

1. Save Me
2. Feast to Famine
3. My Shadow Life
4. Upon Doing Something Wrong
5. L.A Blue
6. Scarlett
7. Lonesome Infidel
8. With Animals
9. Ghost Stories