25 Oct 2021

Piesa noua Lunatic Soul, The Art of Repairing

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Lunatic Soul, proiectul muzical al lui Mariusz Duda, liderul trupei poloneze Riverside, va lansa pe 25 mai 2018, cel de-l 6-lea album, intitulat “Under The Fragmented Sky”. Discul este distribuit prin intermediul celor de la Kscope Records si aniverseaza 10 ani de la infiintarea acestui proiect. Ilustratia artwork-ului ii apartine artistului polonez Jarek Kubicki.

Materialul a fost inregistrat pe parcursul mai multor sesiuni in studioul Serakos din Varsovia si finalizat in perioada decembrie 2017 – februarie 2018. Dupa aparitia primului single, “Untamed”, care il are ca invitat pe bateristul Wawrzyniec Dramowicz (aka Vaaver), Duda ne ofera o noua piesa, “The Art of Repairing”, pe care o puteti asculta mai jos.

Mariusz Duda a declarat: “It’s a very unexpected and spontaneous release. Initially, I was thinking about a maxi single ‘A Thousand Shards of Heaven’ with a couple of other tracks but the material had evolved so beautifully in the studio that I ended up with 36 minutes of brand new music. It’s a truly enchanting album. “Under The Fragmented Sky” is a music journey with very subtle electronics and vocal experiments, it’s incredibly coherent and much closer to the mood of the earlier Lunatic Soul albums. Thanks to Under The Fragmented Sky, the last red album will gain a fuller meaning and the whole Lunatic Soul discography will be enriched with another shade of my music fascinations, which have been suspended somewhere between life and death from the very beginning.”

Tracklist “Under The Fragmented Sky” :

1. He av en
2. Trials
3. Sorrow
4. Under the Fragmented Sky
5. Shadows (4:31)
6. Rinsing the Night
7. The Art of Repairing
8. Untamed

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