7 Jul 2022

Behemoth prezinta The Satanist, primul clip de pe noul DVD, Messe Noire

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Polonezii de la Behemoth au anuntat ca pe 13 aprilie, zi cu noroc, vor lansa noul material video intitulat “Messe Noire”. Disponibil in format DVD si Blu-ray, noul produs contine concertele sustinute de trupa in 2016 la Varsovia si festivalul Brutal Assault. Primul clip de promovare este “The Satanist” si poate fi urmarit mai jos.

Despre “Messe Noire” liderul trupei Adam “Nergal” Darski, a declarat:

“Well, that is everything that the Behemoth live magick represents, and we’re stoked that we have a true representation on record for everyone out there to enjoy. “Messe Noire” captures the true intensity of what we do as a band and the energy we share with our fans. This is also an exclamation mark, the perfect way to conclude “The Satanist” cycle which has been an overwhelming experience and amazing chapter in Behemoth career and our lives so far! By the release of ‘Messe Noire’ we would like to hail our legions all around the world for undying support! Now let the art speak…”

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